Jon Kidneigh

Help Those in Need

Jon Kidneigh graduated from the University of Denver School of Law in 1966 and was admitted to the Colorado bar that same year.

He started his career working with former Colorado Congressman Steve McNichol’s law firm and eventually left and formed a partnership with Roger Johnson, practicing Plaintiffs personal injury, product liability, and medical malpractice law.

Thereafter, Jon was a partner in several big and small Denver law firms until he became the head partner at Kidneigh, Hughes, Pelz, Leach & Clikeman, P.C., an all purpose firm he started in the 1970’s. By the mid-1980’s, that firm had grown to 16 attorneys under Jon’s management.

In 1980, Stephen Kaufman graduated from Rutgers Law School – Camden, New Jersey and Jon hired him as his law clerk. Upon passing the bar, Steve became his associate.

1985: Kidneigh and Kaufman, P.C. is Born

Dedicated Solely to Helping Accident Victims

Although the firm engaged in a general practice, Jon and Steve limited their own cases to the Plaintiffs personal injury, product liability, and medical malpractice fields.

Together, in 1982, they had the honor of trying the first Toxic Shock Syndrome case to go to trial in the country against Procter & Gamble and its Rely tampon, obtaining a verdict in favor of a teenage girl who had almost died.

By 1985, Jon and Steve decided to leave Kidneigh, Hughes, et. al. so that they could form Kidneigh & Kaufman, P.C., a firm dedicated solely to helping accident victims. Within a few years, a number of attorney associates and paralegals were hired, and a worker’s compensation department was added. In 1993, Jon, being the lover of the outdoors that he is, moved to Carbondale and established a K&K branch office in Glenwood Springs.

2006: Jennifer Crichton

Successfully Litigating Cases in Both State and Federal Court

As the daughter of founding partner Steve Kaufman, Jenny had worked at Kidneigh & Kaufman since she was just a teenager. While working at the firm, she got to see first-hand how personal injury attorneys can help people through some of their most difficult times.

She also was able to see how her dad was able to zealously and successfully represent his clients against insurance companies and corporations and how passionate he was about his work. After graduating from law school, Jenny decided to follow her father into the family business where she could work with her dad helping injury victims.

Jenny works on all types of personal injury cases, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) claims, bad faith, slip and falls, premises liability, products liability, and medical malpractice. She is a member of the Denver Bar Association (DBA0, the Colorado Bar Association (CBA), the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA), and the American Association for Justice (AAJ).

2011: Charlie Crichton

Has had the Privilege of Representing Clients on a Wide Variety of Cases

After almost five years in Adams County, Charlie decided to join his wife, Jenny, and father-in-law, Steve, at Kidneigh & Kaufman, P.C. where he could continue working with and on behalf of victims and injured people. Since starting at Kidneigh & Kaufman, P.C., Charlie has had the privilege of representing clients on a wide variety of cases, including premises liability, slip and falls, car accidents, trucking accidents, uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) claims, bad faith, products liability, and medical malpractice, to name just a few.

Charlie loves working on these types of interesting cases and being able to work with his wife and father-in-law every day. However, his favorite part of the job is being able to represent victims and and assist those people who were hurt by someone else’s negligence. When Charlie first meets with his clients, they are often at their lowest point: they are hurt, they have bills that need to be paid, and they don’t know what to do.

Being able to help victims through this difficult time, guide them through the process and improve their lives is incredibly rewarding for Charlie and why he enjoys his job so much

Kidneigh & Kaufman Today

At Kidneigh & Kaufman, We Help Injured People, that’s Our Job

The Kidneigh & Kaufman difference is based on the fact that we care about all of our clients and so we treat each client like a person, not a case. We actually return phone calls and an attorney, and not just a paralegal, will be involved in handling your claim.

One thing you can be sure of is that someone will always be there to help you through the process and you will always be able to talk to someone about your case.

We make it our job to try to understand what each client is going through so we can do our best to obtain the maximum recovery we can.

This explains why insurance companies and corporations have paid more than $100 million in settlements and verdicts to our clients.


  • Why do I need an Attorney?

    I often get phone calls from potential clients who after explaining their situation then ask, but do I really need an attorney or can I handle this myself? Almost always the answer I give is “unfortunately, if people were able to handle their own personal injury cases, I wouldn’t be in business and there’s a reason why we’ve been in business for over 30 years.”

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  • How do I hire an Attorney?

    If you’ve been injured in an accident, you’re probably wondering what your options are.  You wonder if you should try to handle your claim yourself or if you should hire an attorney.  For those who decide on an attorney, the next question is how do I hire one?  While the legal process can be complicated and confusing, hiring an attorney shouldn’t be.  The Denver injury attorneys at Kidneigh & Kaufman are here to help you navigate your injury case and obtain a settlement that will fairly compensate you for your injuries.

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  • Why it's important to use your insurance?

    I often hear potential clients tell me about their possible claim and then follow it with their concerns about getting their or the at-fault party’s insurance involved.  I always ask the same thing- why do you have insurance if you are not going to use it?  Almost everyone knows the importance of having insurance, but too often people are concerned about actually using it to make a claim.

    The biggest worry I hear is, “I don’t want to tell my insurance company I was in an accident because I don’t want my rates to go up.”  This is a misguided fear.  The fact is that if you were not at fault for causing the accident, then your insurance rates will not go up simply because you report the accident.  The only reason your rates should go up are if you cause an accident or simply because your insurance company is raising rates across the board.

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  • How to hire an Attorney when you have no money

    If you’ve been injured in an accident and have been trying to handle your claim yourself, the legal system may seem impossibly confusing. Insurance companies who treated you well when trying to get your business, now treat you badly and don’t want to compensate you for your injuries.

    Claims representatives who are supposed to help you, are too often either rude to you, or completely ignore you. And most disheartening, when you are released from treatment, a mountain of medical bills awaits you.

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  • What to do if you're injured at work

    There are many pitfalls of workers’ compensation and “traps for the unwary” that an unrepresented and inexperienced worker may find themselves caught up in. Below are helpful tips to be sure this doesn’t happen to you.

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  • What is personal injury law?

    Personal injury law encompasses many different areas, but essentially is designed to help those persons who have been injured in an accident, as well as those who are being denied their rightful benefits, or have suffered the loss of a family member because of the wrongdoing of another. The Denver injury lawyers at Kidneigh & Kaufman are knowledgeable in all aspects of personal injury law, including: automobile, truck, and motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, product liability cases, brain injuries, sexual assaults, and workers’ compensation.

    Personal injury law includes both physical and emotional claims, as well as claims for wage loss and the need for future medical services. An injured person’s spouse may even have his or her own claim, what’s known as loss of consortium.

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