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The Client Nobody Wanted

Her name was “Amy” (not her real name) and she was 13 years old. The problem was her step-grandfather had been having sex with her from the time she was 9 until she was 11, when he was finally caught. The step-grandfather admitted to the investigating detective most of what he did, aside from the actual act of intercourse. The DA allowed the step-grandfather to plead guilty to a reduced charge and then, in a …

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The Baby That Needed Help

The baby would be turning two years old in a couple of days. Little Pablo (not his real name) could not see, or talk, or even crawl let alone walk. Leave him alone to sit and he would more likely than not tip over. He could not eat without choking so they fed him a liquid formula through a tube that had been inserted directly into his stomach. He lived in a trailer with his …

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