Workers’ Compensation Deadlines

Posted Sun 24th May, 2015 | by | on Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation in the State of Colorado is an extremely complicated system of laws, rules, and regulations, fraught with deadlines that can end a workers’ claim instantly, with little or no recourse.  Don’t miss the deadline that will end your claim!

Every year, thousands of people who are injured on the job find out too late that their case has closed by operation of law, without their knowledge, because they have missed one of numerous legal deadlines which arise during the course of a workers’ compensation claim. This often means that the injured worker cannot claim any further workers’ compensation benefits, without extremely costly measures, frequently requiring the outlay of thousands of dollars,  with little or no chance of success. By the time such deadlines have passed, many such injured workers come to the tragic realization that they cannot find an attorney to take their claim, precisely because the missed deadlines make the chances of success highly unlikely. This deadline process is the product of a long legal history, largely funded by well-financed insurance companies, employers, and all others who make money at the expense of injured workers.  The effect of this process is to legalize a high number of legal traps to ensnare unwary claimants entering the system in trust, and leaving it without an adequate remedy.

These unfortunate workers can very easily be left in a dire predicament where: 1) they cannot return to their job because of their work-related injury, 2) they have consequently been terminated from their job, 3) they have no recourse against the insurance company or their employer, and 4) they cannot find an attorney to represent them. In a state of disbelief, these workers repeat the phrase, “There must be something that can be done.”, only to hear the same refrain repeated by various attorneys over and over to them: “I’m very sorry, but we cannot take your case.”

Why do so many injured workers end up in this predicament? It may begin with a misplaced trust in the workers’ compensation system. These workers may not stop to consider that while laws do exist to protect injured workers, other laws exist to protect insurance companies and employers- and arguably, more laws exist to protect the big guys.  Perhaps the most significant difference between the injured worker and the insurance companies and employers, is that even the smallest employer is on the same team with multimillion, and multibillion dollar corporations and insurance companies who are extremely well-organized to protect their own interests.  Such interests include maximizing profit for their shareholders. Frequently, the only person standing between an injured worker and the extremely powerful employers and insurance companies is often the claimant’s attorney.

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