Winter Driving Conditions

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Winter is a beautiful season and brings with it many wonderful hobbies, holidays, and memories. However, the winter season also brings poor driving conditions that can cause serious injuries. Freezing temperatures mixed with snow,sleet, or rain causes the roads to be slick and dangerous. So, while driving this winter season, follow some of these tips to keep as safe as possible.

When driving in winter conditions it’s important to maintain slower speeds. This helps to decrease the chance of losing control of your car. Also, avoid sudden braking or acceleration. Sudden braking or acceleration can cause the car to spin out or skid, whichcan easily result in a collision.. Another way to avoid this is to keep a larger distance between you and other drivers. This gives you and your car more time to react to changes. Also, take extra precaution while turning. It is easy for your car to slide when turning so it’s important to go slower and know how to correct oversteer and understeer. Don’t take risks; know what your car is capable of to avoid getting stuck. If needed, wait for a snow plow to come plowyour roads. Another helpful tip is to keep an emergency kit in your car in case of an accident and never drive under the influence.

Those steps are all regarding your actions, but your car is important as well. Before driving your car in the snow, make sure it is equipped for it. Put snow tires on your car for extra grip on icy roads. Also, replenish your windshield wiper fluid to ensure better visibility. Make sure all your lights are working correctly. This is both so you can see, and so other people can see you. Lastly, check your engine and make sure it’s running well; breaking down in the cold isn’t safe.

Each year, 24% of all weather-related car accidents are because of snow or ice. These accidents leave over 70,000 people injured each year. If you or someone you know is injured in an accident regarding poor winter driving conditions, please call the attorneys at Kidneigh & Kaufman, P.C.

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