Widow of Biker Slain in Brawl Sues for Wrongful Death

Posted Tue 11th Oct, 2016 | by | on In the Media

On January 30th, 2016, Victor Mendoza was killed by Derrick Duran, an off-duty corrections officer, in a brawl that occurred at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo. Mrs. Laura Ramirez-Mendoza, the widow of Victor Mendoza, along with Kidneigh & Kaufman, filed a wrongful death case against Mr. Duran, his motorcycle club, Iron Order Motorcycle Club, and the organizers of the Colorado Motorcycle Expo. At this point, the Iron Order Motorcycle Club had been involved in up to eight cases involving brawls and fights in Colorado going back to 2013. Additionally, the organizers of the event provided no security or screenings that could have detected any knifes, firearms, or other weapons. The complaint filed on October 6, 2016, claims that Derrick Duran committed a felony killing when he killed Mr. Mendoza, that Iron Order Motorcycle Club encourages members to “respond in force with no mercy” if provoked by a rival group, and that the organizers of the Colorado Motorcycle Expo, which was owned by Jeff Brown, failed to take reasonable steps to safeguard attendees of the event. In 2017, the Colorado Motorcycle Expo was canceled citing that it was “in the best interest of public safety.”

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