Parents of DUI crash victim file wrongful death lawsuit against driver, three bars

Posted Fri 2nd Aug, 2019 | by | on In the Media

On August 2, 2019, Todd Grudznske spent his Sunday morning visiting three separate bars and getting “visibly intoxicated.” After Grudznske left the third bar he proceeded to drive his pickup truck and violently collided with Angela Wimmer, 25, who was stopped at the intersection of Kipling Street and Colfax Avenue. The impact of the collision caused Ms. Wimmer’s small sedan to be hurled into a 44 mph slide in a quarter of a second from a complete stop. Together with the attorneys at Kidneigh & Kaufman, Ms. Wimmer’s parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Mr. Grudznske, as well as all three bars that he had visited that morning. Under Colorado law, it is illegal for a bar to serve someone who is “visibly intoxicated.” It was reported in his trial that as he was leaving the first bar, he was already showing symptoms of intoxication including bloodshot, watery eyes, slurred speech, and difficulty walking. At the second bar, witnesses stated that he had asked them to go with him to the third bar, but they wouldn’t ride with him because he seemed “pretty loaded.” At the third and last bar, it was proven with a security video that he drank two beers and at least five shots of whiskey. About an hour after his collision with Ms. Wimmer, Mr. Grudznske’s blood-alcohol level was at .341, more than four times the level of intoxication in Colorado. In the past, Mr. Grudznske had been charged with 6 previous DUI convictions.

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