Product Liability Cases

Posted Thu 16th Apr, 2015 | by | on Defective Products

Product defect and product liability cases are generally very time consuming and challenging cases to take on.  This is due in large part to manufacturers having both the financial and manpower resources to fight these cases for years on end.  As a result of this, a Plaintiff’s attorney has to be willing to devote the time and expense that goes along with these type of cases.  Here at Kidneigh & Kaufman, our Denver personal injury …

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Shifting the Burden of Proof

Posted Sat 21st Feb, 2015 | by | on Legal Insights, Personal Injury

When a Plaintiff files a personal injury lawsuit against a Defendant, the law states the Plaintiff has the burden of proving his case.  This means the Plaintiff has to prove that the Defendant was negligent and said negligence was a cause of his injuries.  However, in certain circumstances, the burden of proof shifts to the Defendant and he is then forced to disprove his negligence.  This is known as res ipsa loquitur, and occurs whenever …

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Johnson & Johnson Ordered to pay $63 Million

Posted Sat 14th Feb, 2015 | by | on Cases

A jury in Boston awarded the Reckis family $63 million in damages on February 13, 2013.  The Reckis’ nightmare began over ten years ago when a then 7 year old Samantha suffered a life threatening severe allergic reaction to Motrin brand Ibuprofen, a medication manufactured by Johnson & Johnson.  It was the day after Thanksgiving 2003 when Samantha’s parents gave her Motrin to relieve a fever she had for several days.  She had taken Motrin …

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Kidneigh & Kaufman Personal Injury Attorney Wins Appeal

Posted Sun 8th Feb, 2015 | by | on Cases

In follow-up to my January 25th blog post, I am pleased to announce that on February 7, 2013 the Colorado Court of Appeals upheld Steve Kaufman’s verdict against Shelter Insurance.  As a brief recap, Mr. Kaufman tried this case with another Kidneigh & Kaufman Denver personal injury lawyer, Charlie Crichton, in August 2011 in Denver District Court. On behalf of their injured client, Mr. Kaufman and Mr. Crichton argued that the client’s insurer, Shelter Insurance, …

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Colorado Supreme Court Abolishes the Sudden Emergency Doctrine

Posted Sat 31st Jan, 2015 | by | on Legal Insights

In a great decision for Plaintiffs in Colorado, on January 22, 2013 the state’s Supreme Court ruled to abolish the sudden emergency doctrine stating “its minimal utility in Colorado’s comparative negligence scheme is greatly outweighed by the instruction’s danger of misleading the jury.”  Prior to this holding, the sudden emergency doctrine recognized “that a person confronted with sudden or unexpected circumstances calling for immediate attention is not expected to exercise the judgment of one acting …

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Kidneigh & Kaufman’s own Denver Injury Attorney to Defend Verdict on Appeal

Posted Sun 25th Jan, 2015 | by | on Cases

On Monday, January 28th, Denver accident lawyer Steve Kaufman will argue in the Colorado Court of Appeals to uphold his approximately $500,000 verdict on behalf of his injured client against Shelter Insurance.  Mr. Kaufman tried this case with another Kidneigh & Kaufman Denver personal injury lawyer, Charlie Crichton, in August 2011 in Denver District Court.  On behalf of their injured client, Mr. Kaufman and Mr. Crichton argued that the client’s insurer, Shelter Insurance, did not …

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Getting the Information you Need

Posted Thu 22nd Jan, 2015 | by | on Insurance Claims, Medical Providers, Personal Injury

It’s always surprising to me when I meet with clients who have no idea what type of auto coverage they have, what the doctor diagnosed them with, or what type of medical treatment they are receiving.  This is just to name a few because when it comes to understanding these types of issues, most people tend to bury their head in the sand and assume (hope?) they’re being provided with the correct information.  I will …

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How Denver Injury Attorneys at Kidneigh & Kaufman can make a Difference for you

Posted Fri 9th Jan, 2015 | by | on Articles, Attorney

We care about our clients: Denver Personal injury lawyers at Kidneigh & Kaufman treat each client like a person, not a case. We actually return phone calls and an attorney, and not just a paralegal, will be involved in handling your claim. One thing you can be sure of is that someone will always be there to help you through the process and you will always be able to talk to someone about your case. …

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Failure to Mitigate Damages

Posted Sun 4th Jan, 2015 | by | on Legal Insights, Personal Injury

In a December 27, 2012 decision, the Colorado Court of Appeals held that it was error for a trial court to give an instruction allowing the jury to find that the Plaintiff failed to mitigate her damages if she “continued to undergo expensive treatment when it was not resolving her pain.”  Under the law, an injured party must take reasonable steps to mitigate his or her damages and as such, may not recover damages for …

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Who are the Denver Personal Injury Lawyers at Kidneigh & Kaufman?

Posted Sun 28th Dec, 2014 | by | on Attorney, Personal Injury

For over 30 years, Steve Kaufman has been working as a Denver personal injury lawyer.  After graduating from Rutgers Law School he started his first job with Jon Kidneigh working as a Denver accident lawyer.  After only two years on the job, Steve and Jon tried the first toxic shock syndrome (TSS) case to go to trial in the country against Procter & Gamble. From that point on he’s successfully handled almost every kind of …

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