‘I Wish I Would Have Never Drank’: Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Dui Crash That Killed 25-year-old

Posted Thu 5th Sep, 2019 | by | on In the Media

On September 5, 201, after a morning of barhopping, Todd Grudznske drove his full-sized pickup truck and plowed into Ms. Angela Wimmer’s, 25, small sedan going approximately 70 mph, as she waited at a stop light. The collision caused Ms. Wimmer’s vehicle to enter a 44-mph spin in approximately a quarter of a second from a complete stop and started a chain-reaction crash involving three other vehicles. Ms. Wimmer suffered critical head injuries that proved fatal, causing her family, along with attorneys at Kidneigh & Kaufman, to file wrongful death claims against Mr. Grudznske, as well as the bars which sold him drinks after he showed visible signs of intoxication. In the past, Mr. Grudznske had been charged with 6 DUI’s and been involved in 3 separate cases where there was proof that he had been drinking while driving but was not charged. At the time of his trial, Mr. Grudznske was convicted of first-degree murder, a first for a drunk driving case in Colorado, as well as vehicular homicide, three counts of attempted first-degree assault, and two counts of careless driving causing bodily injury.

To read more, visit https://www.9news.com/article/news/investigations/felony-dui/multiple-dui-offender-sentenced-to-life-after-first-degree-murder-conviction/73-7a28ae25-b691-41e3-95b1-60f0398aa144