I-70 Semi Accident in Lakewood

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If you have been following the local and national news lately, you have certainly seen the coverage of the fiery crash on Interstate 70 near the 20th Avenue/Denver West interchange.  Law enforcement is still investigating the accident to determine what happened, but officials estimate that at least 4 people were killed and 10 people were injured in the massive collision involving at least 24 passenger vehicles and 4 semi-trucks.  A 23 year-old Houston driver has been arrested and charged with 4 counts of vehicular homicide related to the accident.  Law enforcement officials have not released much information regarding the circumstances of the accident or the basis for the vehicular homicide charges, but it is clear that this driver lost control of his semi-trailer while coming down I-70 and crashed into the vehicle in front of him:


Trucking accidents such as this one can often be the result of driver fatigue, lack of experience and/or training, and the failure to properly maintain and service the vehicle.  Drivers often fail to get enough rest and continue to drive even when they should sleep.  Sometimes, drivers do not have the knowledge, training or experience to handle a semi on the mountainous and steep roads of Colorado.  Other times, trucking companies fail to properly maintain the vehicles so as to ensure the semi-trailer can stop in traffic when necessary.  In any case, when there is an accident involving a semi-trailer, catastrophic damages and injuries often results as it did this week in Lakewood.

If someone you know was injured in the recent I-70 crash, it is important that they obtain an attorney immediately.  You can be sure that the trucking companies involved have hired attorneys to protect their interests, so it is critical that you do the same.  An attorney can make sure that relevant evidence is preserved and that all accident investigation protocols are properly followed. 

At Kidneigh & Kaufman, our lawyers know that success in truck accident cases is not merely a matter of proving your damages, but also involves proving the truck driver’s or owner’s liability. That liability may be clear in some cases, but often when the truck driver’s fault is not obvious it can be proven by showing the driver’s violation of one or more of the state and federal regulations that govern trucking operations.

If you, a family member, or friend have had the misfortune of being injured in the I-70 crash, our lawyers welcome the opportunity to help by providing the legal representation you or they need.