Denver DA Beth McCann defends decision not to file charges against DOC officer in teen’s shooting

Posted Thu 11th Jun, 2020 | by | on In the Media

On June 11, 2020, an exclusive interview from District Attorney Beth McCann with 9Wants to Know was published by 9News. In this interview and article, D.A. McCann defends her decision not to press criminal charges against Desmond Manning who shot our clients Andy Munoz and Alexis Mendez-Perez as the fled through his back yard, killing Alexis and severely wounding Andy. D.A. McCann stated that she believed Desmond Manning was “… a homeowner who was very – he was terrified.” Because of the circumstances she believed it was not a case that she could file, surprising the Mendez-Perez family. Alexis’ sister, Ivette Mendez, stated that she had a lot of anger knowing that the person who killed her brother would continue living his normal life as if nothing had happened. Despite knowing that Alexis was shot in his back, D.A. McCann stated that, although the fact troubled her, “… Mr. Manning didn’t know, nor did the young men know, where the shots actually hit and what positioning of the body was.” In the end, D.A. McCann claims that every person she consulted with agrees that no criminal charges can be made because the case is considered to be self-defense under Colorado law.

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