Colorado teenager was fatally shot while running away from off-duty officer, lawsuit says

Posted Thu 27th Aug, 2020 | by | on In the Media

The family of Alexis Mendez-Perez, a teen who was fatally shot in the back while running away from an off-duty officer, along with our firm, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Desmond Manning for using deadly force recklessly and without warning.  The shooting happened just after 1:00 a.m. on April 23rd, 2020, when Alexis Mendez-Perez along with Andy Munoz, who was also shot, broke into the vacant home located directly behind Desmond Manning’s home. As the teenagers were at the home, Jenna Manning, Desmond Manning’s wife, called 911 twice to alert them of the situation. Desmond Manning reportingly grabbed the handgun he kept in his room and waited near his back door, waiting for the police to arrive. When the authorities arrived at the scene, three of the teenagers, including Alexis Mendez-Perez and Andy Munoz, jumped the fence in between the vacant home and Mr. Manning’s in an attempt to evade the police. With no warning, Desmond Manning flipped on his porch light and fired his weapon at the teens, hitting Andy Munoz in his left leg and Alexis Mendez-Perez in his back. In a statement to NBC in their article, attorney Charlie Crichton stated that while Alexis Mendez-Perez and his friends may have been criminally trespassing, their actions did not justify being shot at or killed. The decision to file the wrongful death claim comes after District Attorney Beth McCann declined to file criminal charges against Desmond Manning.

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