What Can I Do If I Don’t Agree with My Permanent Impairment Rating?

Posted Thu 18th Jun, 2015 | by | on Workers Compensation

Notice and Proposal to Select a Physician If an injured worker decides he or she does not agree with the “permanent impairment rating” provided by the insurance company’s “authorized treating physician” then the worker may proceed to get another medical opinion regarding “maximum medical improvement” and “permanent impairment” from another physician, who is not employed by the insurance company as an “authorized treating physician.”  A negotiation process commences between the insurance company representatives and the …

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What does Maximum Medical Improvement Mean?

Posted Sun 14th Jun, 2015 | by | on Workers Compensation

Maximum Medical Improvement is typically a term that is used in the workers’ compensation setting, but also applies generally to an injured person’s recovery status.  With respect to the workers’ compensation context, at some point in medical treatment, the “authorized treating physician” determines that everything medically necessary has been done to improve the injured workers’ medical condition following the work-related injury. This does not mean that the injured worker has returned to the same condition …

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Workers’ Compensation Deadlines

Posted Sun 24th May, 2015 | by | on Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation in the State of Colorado is an extremely complicated system of laws, rules, and regulations, fraught with deadlines that can end a workers’ claim instantly, with little or no recourse.  Don’t miss the deadline that will end your claim! Every year, thousands of people who are injured on the job find out too late that their case has closed by operation of law, without their knowledge, because they have missed one of numerous …

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What to do if You’re Injured at Work

Posted Fri 8th May, 2015 | by | on Workers Compensation

There are many pitfalls of workers’ compensation and “traps for the unwary” that an unrepresented and inexperienced worker may find themselves caught up in.  Below are helpful tips to be sure this doesn’t happen to you.  Reporting the Accident When a person gets injured on the job, it is essential that they report the accident to their employer immediately, and take note of any witnesses to the accident, including emergency professionals, when possible. Countless injured …

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