Slip and Fall Claims

Posted Sun 17th May, 2015 | by | on Personal Injury, Premises Liability

The Denver personal injury lawyers at Kidneigh & Kaufman have been successfully handling slip and fall injury claims for over 30 years.  Unfortunately, due to the time consuming nature and liability concerns associated with slip and fall cases many Denver attorneys are unwilling to take these cases.  However, our Colorado injury attorneys understand the difficulties that come with slip and fall injury cases and are here to help you.  Not only do we handle basic …

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How to Make your House Safe for Guests and Safe from Lawsuits

Posted Sun 21st Dec, 2014 | by | on Premises Liability

Owning a home comes with a variety of responsibilities, one of which is keeping those who come to your home safe from harm.  Throughout the year, but particularly in the winter months, it is important to ensure your home is free of hazards.  During the winter months, these hazards often include snow, ice, and falling branches.  Since most homeowners likely have several visitors (mailman, delivery drivers, friends, etc.) access their sidewalks and walkways throughout the …

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