Bomb Cyclones (and what to do when there are blizzard conditions)

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Staying Safe in A Blizzard

Recently Colorado went through a major winter storm that many described as a bomb cyclone. This storm and other storms like it are very dangerous. The first thing to remember to do during this time of the year is to pay attention to weather warnings. The national weather service issues national weather warnings and if one is active take extra precautions to stay safe. Here in Colorado, March is the snowiest month, followed by April. The snow during this time is usually wetter and heavier than normal and can cause damages and injuries.

Getting Where You Need to Go

If at all possible, stay off the roads. Wet and heavy snow makes for dangerous driving conditions and can cause many problems. Before you leave, give time for the snow plows to come by your area and then take it slow. Give yourself plenty of time to get there and be aware of possible road closures. Highways and interstates are often temporarily shut down to prevent serious accidents. For more tips about safe driving in the snow, see our blog titled “Winter Driving Conditions.”  If you have to drive during these conditions, be sure to have extra clothes, food, and water just in case something happens.  After the recent bomb cyclone, some driver were stranded on the side of I-25 for almost 24 hours before being rescued by buses.  

Staying Safe and Warm

During these storms, you don’t have to drive to get injured. With heavy snow, even small amounts can cause damages to your house. To minimize chances of damages, make sure that loose tree limbs are clear of your house and your roof is in decent condition. When shoveling the snow, take it slow. About 100 people die a year shoveling snow because of heart attacks. It may look fluffy and light, but it is a tiring and taxing process. Lastly, make sure you have plenty of blankets and a secondary heat source just in case of power outages. If experiencing cold, be sure to dress appropriately. Wear looser layers so air keeps circulation and increases insulation. Wear the thinnest layer closest to your body and thicker layers over that.

So, while we keep going through our snowiest months here in Denver, keep these things in mind and stay safe. If you or someone you know is injured while dealing with the snow, please call the attorneys at Kidneigh & Kaufman, P.C.